Alpine Paradise

Italy is full of small treasures ready to be discovered. Among these, the hundreds of “borghi”, or hamlets, very small towns, which are populated literally by a handful of inhabitants.

During my busy working months spent in Italy to lead tours, assist individual travellers, hire and train my staff, I like to “retreat” to magical places like this, where my mind, body and spirit can refuel.


This is one great example of a “borgo”, in the region of Piemonte, one of the regions I travel most often with my groups because it is not on the usual travel paths and besides, it is rich of gourmet specialties not to be missed.


It is the jewel town of Usseauso, just 50 km west of Turin, in the Chisone Valley.

Whether you spend time here in the summer (mountain biking, hiking, bird watching) or in winter (there are many ski resorts in the area - i.e. Sestriere), rest assured that you are away from noise, tourists, cars and pollution. It is October now and the only air vibration I hear is the calming tinkling of the cow bells and the murmur of a gentle water stream…

Usseaux-7 .jpg

Consider adding the Piemonte Alps to your next Italy itinerary!

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Antonio Mauriello