Wrapping up 2018, what a year!

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2018 has seen Italy at the top of the most travelled destinations in the world. I am happy to share this about my country.

Of course, I am happy that our business thrives and we introduce happiness in the life of many young Italian entrepreneurs who are devoting their life and energies to the incoming travel sector.

Moreover our customers are happy to travel to Italy and happy when they return. Italy’s diverse landscape, artistic treasures and fabulous food make Italy a feast for the soul, offering something for everyone.

My personal list of 5 top things to do in Italy in 2019

  1. Taste the real mozzarella di bufala, soft, juicy, fresh, made the same morning. Do not add balsamic vinegar…If you really have to add something else, go with extra-virgin olive oil.

  2. Tour lesser travelled destinations. There is plenty of beautiful spots, easy to reach and satisfying the most demanding taste.

  3. Use the service of a local guide to go around once you arrive at a new location. In a couple of hours you will get to know more and from the eyes of a person who lives there all year around. It could be very different from what you read in travel books.

  4. When you walk around in a village or a larger art city, do get lost. Use a gps only on the way back.

  5. Always order the house wine with your meal, especially at a small family trattorie and local eateries.

The best place I visited in 2018:
The best place to visit in 2019:
Civita di Bagnoregio

Happy new year and safe travel!
Buon anno e Buon viaggio!


Antonio Mauriello